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Birds Lyrics by Swift
Birds Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Birds By Swift?

I cast away everything I own for this feeling inside of me
Live my life for my home I'll be safe rather than be left alone
Feels like I can't live like I used to so I keep bringing new things

In this to improve the stature of my stance
At first glance it seems so hard to figure
Protect my home I hate to but I'm forced to kill
Two birds with one stone

So fly away
Just fly away
Fo' find your place
While I stay
I can't stand these claws
Reaching for my things
I'll clip your wings

You sing the same song all the other birds sing
Pictures and memories take place
And in due time they wither away
And all that's left are the feeling that we had

In reverse
Stay away while you are here
My life's not mine
When you look down from above
Wishing you could fly with me
I'm bound by the same things
I'm not free

I'm just sticking to the path that belongs to me
It belongs to me

Who Wrote Birds By Swift?

Derrick Lemel Stewart, Emandu Imani Rashaan Wilcox, John Martinez, Lou Donaldson, Trevant Jermaine Hardson

What's The Duration Of The Birds By Swift?

The duration of Birds is 3:47 minutes and seconds.

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