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Impossible Lyrics by The Clientele
Impossible Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Impossible By The Clientele?

There's a place that we can go
At the end of a long slow day
Streetlamps fuse the rising night
I feel so far away

When you came back late, from the garden
I couldn't turn my eyes
And I was dead

Outside in the crowded pines
Ships are sailing though the wood
Leaving in the space between
The Hovis homes, the railway heath

I can see my freedom but I need a little time
Your hair wet and your arms full
You were dead, you were alive

Looking in the heart of light
Looking into the silence

From those nights so frigid
They seemed hardly real
Through the last light on the plain
Roland to the dark tower came
Weialala leia
Weialala leia

Year: 2005

Who Wrote Impossible By The Clientele?

Alasdair Maclean, James Hornsey, Mark Keen

What's The Duration Of The Impossible By The Clientele?

The duration of Impossible is 4:25 minutes and seconds.

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