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Circles Lyrics by Thrice
Circles Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Circles By Thrice?

We talk to much. We talk in circles
Till we're all spinning 'round
Reaching for reach, in this marry go round

We seem respent
We call it progress
We seen this all before
When all said is done,
Leave cups on the floors

We set sail with no fixed star in sight
We drive by rail in candle light

We're building towers, with no foundation.
We're stacking stone on stone,
Whatever it takes
Mix our mortar with bones

True progress means, matching the world too
The vision in our heads
We always change,
When vision is dead

We set sail with no fixed star in sight.
We drive by rail and candle light.

Who Wrote Circles By Thrice?

Eddie Breckenridge, James Riley Breckenridge, Dustin Michael Kensrue, Teppei Teranishi

What's The Duration Of The Circles By Thrice?

The duration of Circles is 4:18 minutes and seconds.

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