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Two Hearts

Two Hearts Lyrics by Vince Gill
Two Hearts Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For Two Hearts By Vince Gill?

There's a man drinkin' whiskey in a barroom
He's nursin' a broken heart
There's a woman at a table
With her own brand of misery
Cryin' in the dark.

Will two hearts make on tonight
Will somebody lost fond someone who's lost
Will strangers info comfort
In the cold neon light
Will two hearts make one tonight.

Oh, there's just a waitress between them
They're so close to finding their dreams
They're just one dance away
From easing the pain
Of coming apart at the seams.

[Chorus: x2]

Will two hears make one tonight

Who Wrote Two Hearts By Vince Gill?

Leslie Satcher, Vince Gill

What's The Duration Of The Two Hearts By Vince Gill?

The duration of Two Hearts is 4:03 minutes and seconds.

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