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The Recession (Intro)

The Recession (Intro) Lyrics by Young Jeezy
The Recession (Intro) Lyrics

What Are The Lyrics For The Recession (Intro) By Young Jeezy?



The recession is now here
Feel like norm I'm gettin cheers
I'm just speaking da truth
Ain't my fault if it strikes fear
Niggas heard it was a reccession
The whole world went into a panic
Glacier on my wrist
Same thang that sunk the titanic
Don't get frantic once you here the lyrics just chant it
Ya'll not seen the bigger picture so stay out my frame
I'm a menace to society cause I keep dat Kane
Know you can't believe huh
Straight from columbia
Got da cubans on call like a nokia
Mr.17 5 get it by da field
Sell it by da batch
And you better pay me fast
Or I'll do you like yung berg
Get cha chain snatched
Kidnap yo kid you won't get either one back

It's young


And I'm back


And I'm back

I'm not a techer buts here's yo lesson
School of harknocks nigga
The recession

[Chorus x2]

Who Wrote The Recession (Intro) By Young Jeezy?

Rick Wakeman

What's The Duration Of The The Recession (Intro) By Young Jeezy?

The duration of The Recession (Intro) is 4:38 minutes and seconds.

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